Got a golfer on your list? We’ve got you covered. Check out our holiday gift guide for presents that are sure to wow everyone from the beginner to the die-hard golfer.

This list of golf-themed gifts is sure to help you pick the perfect Mother’s Day gift! From hand-made to purchased to experiential, we’ve rounded up it all!

1. Daphne’s Head Cover

This is a great gift in particular if your mom has a pet or a favourite animal. Daphne’s Headcovers offer a wide variety of quality headcovers for your clubs available modeled after various animals and other fun figures. Their selection features everything from sharks to tigers, to pirates and pineapples. They also offer customizable options.

Daphne’s Headcovers are relatively easy to find as many pro shops carry them along with golf supply stores such as Golf Town.

2. Lululemon Golf Accessories

Ah, a classic shopping spot for Mother’s Day: Lululemon. While Lululemon is certainly great for golf apparel, they also have some amazing accessories too!

Our favourite regular accessories include scrunchies, visors, and water bottles with a special mention to Lululemon’s no-show socks. However, they often carry golf-specific accessories like clip on pouches and tee holders which are great additions to a golf bag for easy access and added storage.

3. A Bejewelled Ball Marker

Pick out a special ball marker for your mom. She will think of you every time she is putting.

MXM Bling is one brand (by G&G Brands) that has a wide assortment of bejewelled ball markers. They’re easy to source and widely available at many golf pro shops and also retailed on Amazon.

4. A Putting Mat

Moms aside, this is a great gift for any golfer. You can find putting greens for any budget from $15 to $5,000 (for a custom outdoor putting green).

While we are fans of Perfect Practice and WellPutt, many companies offer great options for putting mats. Callaway is another notable manufacturer for a standard, quality putting mat.

There are also “fun” iterations of putting mats that gamify putting. Some are made with extra holes (beer-pong style), with removable tunnels, and with other creative targets and scoring options.

5. Uther Golf Towels

Uther Golf Towels are a fun accessory to add to any mother's golf bag. With dozens of creative designs ranging from breakfast patterns, to nostalgic prints, to tropical pink flamingos and more.

The aesthetic appeal however is not solely what makes these towels a good gift idea; the quality is great too. They are also machine washable for easy cleaning. Towels are available in three sizes: Tour (pictured below), Cart, and Pocket.

The brand also offers matching golf gloves and coordinating apparel to pair with the towel if you want to take your gift to the next level!

Shop Uther here and grab 15% off your first order when you sign up for their email list.

6. Birdie Juice Gift Set

A birdie juice gift set makes a great personal Mother’s Day gift. Grab a basket and fill it with some assorted birdie juice necessities. Some ideas could be a fun flask, mini shot glasses, and their favourite birdie juice of course!

Learn more about the female-invented tradition here.

7. Golf Accessory Bouquet

Make a bouquet of golf accessories for mom! It is easy to do if you start with a simple small bouquet of flowers and build on it from there. Some ideas to include are: sleeves of balls, a cute golf glove (the glove packaging can be secured to a dowel peg with a bit of hot glue), her favourite on the course snacks, fun golf socks, or a pack of tees.

8. Personalized Birdie Juice Flask

Make your mom her own personalized birdie juice flask. Many screen-printing companies do this, or you can order a custom design on Etsy. You can also make your own design with a plain flask and permanent markers and decals. Superglue on jewels for a blinged-out birdie juice container!

9. Yeti Mug

Yeti mugs make for an easy gift idea that will certainly be used on and off the course. Yeti’s wide range of sizes, colours, and styles are designed to keep hot beverages warm, and cold ones chilled. Their double-walled stainless steel technology works well against extreme environmental temperatures to provide a delicious beverage any time of year.

Mugs start around $35-$55.

Yeti mugs are available at most outdoor and sport stores. Shop the widest selection direct from Yeti here.

10. A round with you!

All your mom wants at the end of the day is to spend time with you! Treat her to a round at your local course or take her to play at a new spot. Adding brunch before, or dinner afterwards makes for an extra-special Mother’s Day she won’t soon forget.

Looking for even more gift suggestions? Check out our holiday gift guide here.