Is playing golf with kangaroos on your golf bucket list?

This unique experience can be experienced just an hour south of Melbourne Australia at Anglesea Golf Club.

Anglesea Golf Club is a challenging 18-hole, par-72 course with many bunker and elevation changes. Like many courses and clubs, Anglesea has practice fairways along with a short game practice area. It has a clubhouse with a bistro restaurant serving lunch and dinner. Green fees are reasonable, at AU$ 60-70. Push carts and motorized carts are available to rent. Unlike most other clubs, however, Anglesea also has plenty of kangaroos.

Anglesea Golf Club is home to a colony of over 300 kangaroos. The kangaroo forms part of the club’s logo and is featured on many items for sale in their pro shop.

These eastern grey kangaroos are native to Anglesea. They have been living in the wild there in the bushland and farms long before the golf course was built in 1950.

Since the golf course was built, the kangaroos have become complacent with the constant presence of golfers walking or riding in carts. One could almost make the comparison that they are like the wild, common deer found on so many courses in North America.

Like the North American deer population, Anglesea’s kangaroos are very relaxed around golfers, lazing on the ground, or simply grazing. Many are seen eating the long grass next to tee boxes and edges of greens.

There are so many kangaroos, however, that it can be challenging to get them to move when teeing off. Most of them congregate there and along the edges of the fairway, so they don’t really interfere with the golfer’s game.

It is entertaining while golfing to see the joeys’ heads poking out of their mothers’ pouches. A very large muscular “buck” or “boomer” close to six feet tall can be seen among the “mob.”

It is easy to get close enough to take photos without startling the animals. As with any wild animal though, caution must be taken to not get too close to them, as they can become aggressive if threatened.

Many tourists are also aware of the kangaroos on the course and viewing them attracts cars and tour buses around the perimeter fence. Naturally, tourists are very interested in getting on the course to take photos. To address this need and obvious safety concern, the golf course has started motorized cart tours for tourists interested in getting closer to the kangaroos.

If playing golf among kangaroos bounding down fairways is on your bucket list, visiting Anglesea Golf Club in Australia is a great golf experience.

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