In the latest edition of the ModGolf Podcast, show creator & host Colin Weston speaks with Jillian Foss, the foundeer of #LEGS Ladies Executive Golf Society. Jillian

"My first job in Jacksonville was caddying at Sawgrass and a woman I met at the club said, 'I really want to learn how to golf.' But you're not going to go out on your own and practice putting. You wouldn't go out on a range if you have no idea what you're doing and no clubs. So I figured I might as well start something for all level," says Foss.

"Whether you are a Collegiate golfer or someone who has never touched a club before, the vision was to create an experience where women could really experience the magic that happens on the golf course in a female friendly way."

- Jillian Foss, Ladies Executive Golf Society

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"I want more women out doing business on the golf course. I was in sales and calling on all these large organizations to find that there were hardly any female CEOs. I thought, 'What can we do to continue to lift up women towards leadership through golf?' Because I think the world would be a better place, but my natural tendency is towards fun. So my goal? hy don't we try and do this and accomplish this mission but have some fun while we're at it."

- Jillian Foss, Ladies Executive Golf Society