If you practice putting correctly, it should help your game. Different people like different putting drills. Start with our list of drills to try next time you practice and find the ones that work for you!

Setting Guidelines

If you are practicing putting to a hole, putt to make it.

Set a goal and a consequence for not meeting the goal. For example, each miss means you start again or adds some more time to your drill. Having a consequence to your drill can help you with the distances that you need the most practice.

Put game pressure on yourself when practicing so the practice is realistic.

If you are practicing for touch and pace, don’t putt to a hole. Use a tee, a ball mark or the fringe for a target. The odds of sinking a long putt go down with distance. It is not realistic to penalize yourself for not making putts from farther away. The goal for practicing touch and pace with long putts is to make sure the putt is close, so you are in the hole in two putts only.

Use your mental routine for every practice putt. This will transfer to competition and help you to relax, focus on the target, and putt freely. If you experience mental fatigue, take a break or switch drills. A strong mental routine will keep you steady through distractions and pressure.

Six of our favourite drills to try:

1. Make 20 to 30 3-foot putts. Making many putts this length improves your confidence in those “gimmes” no one is giving you.

2. Compass Drill: Put 4 tees around the cup marking each quarter at 3’, 4’, 5’, and 6’. Make 14/16 putts from each distance. If you miss the goal, move 1’ closer.

This will ensure you have more practice on the distance you need it most. With more practice, it becomes easier, adding to your putting confidence.

3. Find a straight line to a practice hole with no break. Use an elevated string or chalk line to mark the straight line to the hole. Put a tee 3’ from the hole. If you sink the putt, putt it again from 4’… If you miss, go back to 3’ and start again.

You will become confident in trusting your ability to putt in a straight line. This also helps with practicing feel and pace for varying distances.

Note: This is Women’s Golf Project Coordinator, Taylor’s favourite putting drill.

“Nothing matters more in putting than it should be kept simple and positive.”

Laura Davies, “Carefree Golf,” 1991

4. 2 Tee Lag Drill with 7 balls. Put a tee at the 20’ and 30’ mark from the hole. Putt the first ball from the 30’ mark to the tee at the 20’ mark. Putt each ball progressively farther from the last ball towards the hole. The aim of the last shot is to get the balls in the hole. If you are not successful, start again.

5. Put a tee at the 20’, 30’, and 40’ mark. Make 10/10 in two putts from 20’ and 30’. Make 9/10 from 40’.

6. Partner Game “Take My Ball” (2-Person game).

For this drill, each person uses 4 balls each. Each person stands at a different practice hole. One person goes first and putts the balls one at a time toward their opponent's hole. The balls should stop within a putter length from the hole. Each missed ball is given to the other person. For each putt sunk, take an additional ball from your partner. The winner is the one with all 8 balls at the end.

Do you have a favourite putting drill? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we may include it in a future article.