Do you like to be the one with the best wardrobe on the course? Read on for some of our favourite fashion brand finds as of late...

Foray Golf

Runway or fairway? This brand will dress you ready for both with their unique and elegant designs for golf wear.

Foray Golf was founded in 2016 with fashion in mind. A new curated collection is offered up each month and typically consists of a skort and top as well as a layering piece.

Discount: They offer 20% off for students and teaching professionals.

Calliope Golf

Calliope Golf was founded on the culture of sisterhood, letting go, and having fun. Their modern-focused apparel seeks to bring together golf and life and aims to provide garments that are both practical for golf, but stylish enough to be worn off the course as well.

It doesn’t stop at fashionable apparel, however. Calliope also boasts a range of accessories and stylish belt bags.

The brand also focuses on inclusive sizing and carries a range of numeric size equivalents from 0-20.

Discount: None, but they do have a monthly gift card giveaway.

Olaya Sport

Founded by Lauren Olaya, this female-owned and operated brand focuses on style and comfort on the course. Their mission is to boost confidence in your game. Olaya Sport designs garments to work with your swing not against it. Golf dresses are what Olaya Sport is famous for, though they also make skorts, hats, and even some apparel for men.

Discount: You can get 15% off your first Olaya Sport order when you sign up for their email list!


PXG aka Parsons Xtreme Golf is well-known for its high-end clubs, but did you know they also produce fashion? 

PXG’s apparel touts the same high quality and class as that of their equipment line. They offer both men’s and women’s garments and carry a seemingly equal variety between the genders.

PXG’s elegant and timeless pieces made from high-end fabrics will have you feeling like a million bucks on the course.

Discount: No discount here, but they do have great sales.

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