Can’t get enough golf on the course? Listen to these six podcasts hosted by women for the latest golf news, stories, and tips!

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Above Par

If you feel you are underperforming on the course, this podcast is for you. Host Kathy Hart Wood is a former professional golfer and a Top 50 Golf Teacher. Her short podcasts focus on improving your mental game. Topics are as varied as the wide range of emotions players feels on the course. As an example, she covers topics such as how to deal with bad playing partners, prepare for a tournament, and stop playing like a hacker.

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Fore The Ladies

The host of this podcast, Abby Liebenthal, knows golf well. She is the Senior Manager of US Open Fan Management for the USGA. Liebenthal strives to get more women in the game. Fore the Ladies is a non-profit community and organization she founded to raise women’s interest and participation in golf.

This podcast has three series:

“Ladies of Golf,” which interviews women who compete or work in the industry.

“Golf 101” is an instructional series.

“The Mixed Bag” covers a variety of current women’s golf topics.

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Henni and Hally: Women With Game

Henni Koyack and Hally Leadbetter both grew up playing golf and have careers in the golf industry.

Koyack is an accomplished golfer. She excelled as an amateur and a professional on the Ladies European Tour.

Leadbetter is the daughter of famous PGA Member David Leadbetter. Growing up surrounded by golf conversation, Hally reluctantly took up the game as a teenager. She received a full-ride golf scholarship and moved into the golf media industry after completing college.

This casual podcast covers a wide range of golf topics. Kovack and Leadbetter regularly interview knowledgeable and inspirational guests, not all of whom golf. They discuss shared golf aggravations and apply golf lessons to life.

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Housewives of Golf

This new-in-2022 podcast is hosted by Tori Totlis and Sarah Held. Totlis and Held are amateur golfers who share a passion for the game. Their friendly conversation is casual, humorous, and informative. It is both entertaining and personal. Their podcast encourages female golfers to take up and pursue the game. Housewives of Golf covers many topics for women new to the game but it has something for golfers of all abilities. They also love to include the latest gossip!

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The Women’s Golf Show

This bi-weekly podcast is co-hosted by three women: Jenni Falconer, Ali Whitaker, and Beth Allen. Falconer and Whitaker are radio hosts. Allen plays on the Ladies European Tour.

The podcast celebrates women involved in all levels of golf. The three hosts regularly interview elite professionals, amateur champions, weekend players, and juniors. Sometimes they discuss professional golf tournaments. Women’s health and fitness is another topic of regular discussion.

There are also regular quizzes and previews of upcoming competitions. Foremost, the mission of The Women’s Golf Show is to encourage women to get into the game of golf.

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Women of Golf

LPGA Professional Cindy Miller and Executive Producer Ted Odorico are the hosts of this weekly podcast.

Miller covers a wide range of topics. Her focus is on real-life issues for women in the golf industry. She also covers equipment, fitness, women's health, training aids, and the mental game. Coaches and teaching professionals are regularly interviewed as well as top female players. Miller also hosts businesswomen to speak about how they use golf to advance their careers.

The Women of Golf show is a great one to listen to during practice or at the driving range.

From humorous life stories and banter to instructional tips and the latest in tour news, this list of women-run podcasts covers the full gamut when it comes to golf for women!

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