Whether you are golfing local this summer or in another time zone, check out our list of warm-weather essentials for your coolest round yet!

With summer comes peak conditions and naturally, everyone wants to be out on the course. However, summer also brings hot and sunny weather that can put golfers at risk of sunburns, dehydration, chafing, and bug bites among other things.

Be prepared and keep cool during your summer rounds with our list of warm-weather must-haves:

  1. Bug Spray

    This one is especially important for late afternoon and evening rounds. Keep bug spray in your bag and your playing partners will be forever grateful!

  2. Sport Sunscreen

    This one may seem obvious, but it is too important to ignore. The Canadian Dermatology Association recommends opting for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Re-apply between 9s or more often if you find yourself extra sweaty!

  3. Mesh Golf Gloves

    FootJoy offers this great summertime option to keep your hands cool and reduce sweat.

    Foot Joy StaCooler Golf Glove, Sportchek.ca

    The style features aloe in the leather to further promote its “cool and breathable” promise. It also comes in a fingerless option!

  4. Hat

    There is nothing worse than a sunburn on your hairline. Protect your scalp with a good hat. Opt for something breathable, with UPF, and a wide brim to protect your ears and neck.

  5. Breathable Shoes and Socks

    When it comes to breathable materials, cotton is the best. Opt for cotton socks to help in preventing blisters and sweat-irritation.

    For shoes, try a good pair of golf sandals or check out this mesh-covered Nike golf pair.

    Nike Ace Summerlite, Nike.com

    This style features a thin micro-suede lining to prevent sand and other debris from getting inside. The shoe is regarded as so breathable and comfortable that one can even wear them without socks!

  6. Sunglasses

    A pair of good sunglasses will do wonders to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays in the summer sun. If you’re worried about glare, opt for a polarized pair. 

  7. Vaseline or Body Glide

    Chafing during your swing? No thanks! Slick on some Body Glide or Vaseline in those sweat-prone areas to prevent chafe.

  8. A vessel to keep your drinks cold

    It’s important to stay hydrated when golfing in any weather, but especially when it’s hot. Cold drinks feel extra refreshing but it can be tough to keep beverages chilled in the heat. Coolers on your cart are one thing, but not exactly practical to carry if you’re walking. 

    Try placing ice water in a good-quality thermos; we like Hydro Flask, Thermos, and Yeti especially but there are many great options out there.

    Yeti also makes can covers that keep your canned beverages nice and chilled.

    Yeti Rambler 355, available from Amazon.ca 

  9. Lip Balm with SPF

    Although we usually remember to protect our skin in other areas, lips are commonly neglected when it comes to sun protection.

    Grab a lip balm with SPF to throw in your bag for sunny rounds.

    Apply regularly to keep your lips moist and protected.

  10. Cooling Towel

    Sport towels make for great accessories during hot-weather rounds; they’re portable and compact, and you just add water! 

    If you don’t have a cooling sport towel, however, a spare golf towel or even a paper towel will do the trick! Dunk them in your icy cooler water and place them on the back of your neck for an instant way to cool down. Or stash some paper towels (or face cloth) in a Thermos with ice before heading out to play!

When heading out for some golf-themed fun in the sun this summer, pack these ten essentials and you will be well-prepared!