Introducing Laurie Dickson, WGP’s newest 3-part feature writer delivering tips on golf fitness and preparation for your best season yet!

From sourcing out the best and most recommended golf balls to new attire and perhaps even a new set of clubs, golf is a game where financially investing is conducive to optimizing.

However, it’s important not to overlook another equally critical investment: ourselves! Our physical fitness levels are an important portion of the equation that reaps rewards.

All too often, physical preparation tends to be neglected. This can result in undesirable strains and injuries that can disrupt your game.

Improving physical fitness can also add vast improvements in distance, functionality, and fluidity.

Engaging in a tailored fitness routine is vital.

Try these five suggested physical exercises to aid in power, core integration, and injury reduction:

Sumo Squats with Rotation: This compound movement strengthens the inner thigh (adductors) and outer glutes (medius) while incorporating the core for increased mobility.

Push Ups: This is another fabulous compound movement that creates better support at the top of your swing by strengthening your core rotation speed.

Bulgarian Split Squats: This lower body exercise primarily targets the glutes while creating stability and increasing balance and mobility.

Single-Leg Deadlifts: This exercise helps create balance in your swing, including core control, and hamstring/glute activation.

Supermans: These are excellent for developing the lower (back) and the back of the shoulders (posterior). Laying on your stomach, raise both the upper and lower portions of your body simultaneously. Keep your core to the floor! Hold for two full seconds and release. Repeat approximately 12 times. This creates lower lumbar strength and glute/hip integration.

When it comes to exercise, stretching is just as important! As part of our physical preparation, we tend to negate the importance of proper stretching pre and post-game.

Why is it so important?

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible and may ward off injury. 

Stretching also allows for flexibility to maintain an effective range of motion within our joints.

It decreases muscle stiffness and allows for quicker recovery.

It helps reduce the risk of injury and reduce the risk of lower back issues.

Overall, stretching helps to improve your body mechanics.

The benefits of stretching are endless when it comes to the physical preparation for golf.

Another important point to best prepare your body for physical training on and off the course is hydration.

Keeping hydrated plays an essential role. We can choose to optimize hydration by also ingesting a good quality source of electrolytes. These can play a major role in regulating blood pressure.

When it comes to optimizing your physicality for golf, remember to stretch out sufficiently, warm up, and stay hydrated!

About the Writer

Laurie is a 2021 Western Canada Amateur Long Drive Series Winner (45+ division) and a 3x World Champion Professional Fitness Model. She is also the Owner/Founder of Aspire2bfit Training Services