Don’t Golf alone! Ladies Nights and Ladies Leagues are starting back up again at courses across North America ...

Ladies Nights

It’s easy to join in on a Ladies’ Golf Night at your local golf course. Most are open to public players and aren’t member-exclusive.

Ladies Nights are open to players of all different skill sets — from beginner to experienced and everything in between!

Ladies Nights often take place monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly in some cases. Typically, Ladies Nights follow a format of nine holes followed by dinner and prizes. Costumes and themed nights are also common. Ladies Nights emphasize fun and socializing. Skill comes secondary to fun here with these events hosting an abundance of laughter, a variety of prizes, and food in addition to golf.

Ladies Nights are a great way to dip your toes into the world of golf or find new playing partners. Many friendships are forged on the fairways during Ladies Nights.

Phone your local pro shop and join as a single or with a group of friends.

Ladies Leagues

Ladies Leagues are suited to players who want to play their own game with other women regularly. Ladies Leagues are excellent for new golfers who know basic skills or recreational players who enjoy competitive play.

Ladies Leagues enjoy playing by the rules of the game and include many fun “mini-games” and competitions; a fun competition brings out the desire to improve skills.

Many leagues require an established handicap. Handicaps make the game of golf more enjoyable for golfers of all levels to compete with others.

Ladies Leagues usually play during the day, though there are some that run into the evenings. They can be either 9 or 18 holes.

With so many options, there is sure to be one suited for what you are seeking in league play.

Phone your local pro shop or do an internet search for Ladies Golf Leagues in your area.

Some leagues do not even require a golf membership!

When it comes down to it, women look forward to golfing with their friends each week. It gives them an excuse to share some camaraderie maybe a birdie juice or two, and some exercise.

Whether in Ladies Leagues or Ladies Nights, women love to get out, golf, and have fun together!