Find out why fuelling properly is critical for your game, and check out our list of favourite snacks including Tiger’s go-to treat!

Golf rarely receives proper credit for how physically (and mentally!) draining it can be. Not fuelling and hydrating your body properly before and during play can have serious impacts on your game. Professionals know it and are constantly snacking on body-fuelling foods during rounds and competitions.

Snacks with complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins check all the boxes when it comes to on-the-course fuel. Carbohydrates provide energy while fats fuel your brain and help keep you feeling full. Protein works to repair and support muscle recovery and prevent bodily fatigue mid-round.

When you only have minutes between shots and holes, however, it can be difficult to find time to grab a bite of food or know what to eat.

Check out our list of favourite fuel for during your round and between 9s.

During Play

  • Sports Drinks

    No, we don’t mean energy drinks. Although they pack a punch, many energy drinks are filled with sugar and caffeine, a diuretic. Coffee is also a diuretic and should be consumed before the round, or sparingly during. No one wants to be “holding it” for holes on end until a bathroom is finally found.

    When we say sports drinks, we mean electrolyte-filled beverages to assist your hydration and muscle recovery during the game. Many popular sports drinks come in a sugar-free option — a better bet to avoid short-term sugar highs that result in crashes and low energy.

  • Trail Mix

    Perhaps the holy grail of golf snacks is trail mix. Often vegan and gluten-free, trail mix satisfies even the pickiest of dietary needs while packing protein and fats, keeping you full and energized during the round.

  • Popcorn

    Fibre-filled and easy to munch on, popcorn is a great (and light!) staple to add to your next round. Just beware of calorie-packing butter and steer clear of extra toppings; plain popcorn is best.

  • Beef Jerky

    A favourite among many golfers is beef jerky, and for a good reason.

    On top of being absolutely delicious, beef jerky is an excellent source of lean protein. It’s also easy to carry in a golf bag or in a cart and does not take up as much room as other snacks such as popcorn.

    Wondering what brand to buy? Try Kingmade; it is after all created by a PGA TOUR caddy.

At the Halfway

Snacks are great during play, but sometimes you crave something with a little more sustenance between 9s. Halfway huts often have a juicy selection of favoured fatty foods, but those can often leave you feeling sluggish and tired. So what should you reach for if you want to feel energized for the second half of your game?

  • Sandwiches

    We know you love your mid-round hot dog, but if you really want to fuel best for the back 9, you’d do well to swap it for a sandwich.

    Opting for a lean protein like chicken or turkey and pairing it with whole-grain bread will help keep your energy up without leaving you feeling full or lethargic. Or try Tiger’s personal favourite — crunchy peanut butter and banana sandwich.

In essence, it’s important for your game and health to be properly fueled before and during your round. Water is the most important beverage to consume alongside snacks, but if you’re seeking something more exciting to drink, try our list of Birdie Juice favourites!

What’s your favourite snack during a round? Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll publish our favourites in an upcoming social post!