Looking to inject some fun into your golf gear? We’ve rounded up five brands to do just that…


Uther specializes in fun golf towels in bold patterns and prints that add a statement to your bag. Their golf towels are available in two sizes: Tour (larger) and Cart (standard bag clip towel). Patterns range from breakfast items to pink flamingos and ice cream cones. They are a great way to add flair and style to your golf bag. Try colour coordinating your towel to your outfit or add a festive flair during the PGA season with their Masters-themed towels. Their breakfast print towel would be a great accessory for morning rounds!


Vice is a manufacturer of good-quality golf balls that are easily personalized. You can add a phrase to your golf balls, your phone number in case you lose one, or even an image of your face. Our favourite way to use them is as creative business cards — great for service-based businesses like real estate, insurance, and accounting. Vice balls make a fun and unique gift for golfers of any skill level.


This one is less conventional when it comes to golf accessories, but nonetheless practical! If you are looking to keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot, Yeti has you covered. The brand hosts an extensive line of coffee tumblers, mugs, and coolers. Yeti even has drink holders for cans (and bottles) to keep your favourite beverages icy cold during even the warmest of rounds.

MXM Bling

A snazzy ball marker is a great way to add personality to your game when it comes to the greens. MXM Bling has an extensive selection of “blinged-out” ball markers to represent your personal style on the course. They are easy to obtain as many pro shops carry the brand on-site!

Daphne’s Headcovers

Tiger Woods doesn’t have exclusive rights to animal headcovers. Whether it’s your favourite animal, a personification of your golf game (hello, Eagle), or a replica of your household pet, Daphne’s headcovers provide your golf bag with a fun touch. A quirky headcover is sure to be a fun piece to remove the awkward tension of new playing partner pairings and get the conversation flowing on the fairways.

You don’t need to stick to the standard practice of white balls and gloves. More and more brands are offering fun twists to typical gear, and while these are five of our favourites, there are many more! Whether for yourself (or as a gift) these five brands will help to add a flair of personality to your game.

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