With spring comes unpredictable and diverse weather: from mud to dirty water, pollen to wet grass, and everything in between. Check out our guide to keeping your equipment clean!

Why Should You Clean Your Clubs? 

Clean clubs look good, but it is about more than just looking pretty. Clean clubs can also improve your scores! There is a lot of technology in modern club and ball design. This technology is compromised if the equipment is dirty. Dirty club heads, grips, and balls affect shot accuracy.

Cleaning Club Heads

Keeping your club heads clean is integral to shot accuracy. The club face and its grooves are designed to create ball spin. Spin affects accuracy. Dirt in the grooves or on the face may cause the ball to fly off-line.

Before you play, dampen one side of your golf towel. After each hit, give your club heads a quick wipe. Some power carts even have built-in club cleaners!

If you find your club heads are dirty after your round, fill a bucket with cool water and dish soap. Soak your club heads for a few minutes. Don’t use hot water or leave them there for a long time as this may loosen the glue. After the dirt softens, use a golf brush to clean the face and grooves. Dry with a towel.

When it comes to golf brushes, we love BrushPro! It has a retractable cord, high-quality brush heads, and a fold-out groove cleaner to keep your irons clean.

Cleaning Your Grips

Grips are just as important when it comes to keeping your equipment clean. Grips collect body oils and sunscreen residue over time. Slippery grips affect your hands’ ability to square the club face. If you play golf regularly, you should clean your grips once a month.

Clean rubber grips by soaking them for a few minutes in a bucket with dish soap and cool water. Again, don’t use hot water or leave them in too long. Using hot water or soaking grips for a long time may affect their adhesion. Rub the grips clean with a cloth. Let your clubs dry completely before putting them back in your bag.

A great tip if your grips need more tackiness is to spray them with a glass cleaner and rub them with a towel. Rinse off the glass cleaner completely and dry again. Do not leave the glass cleaner on the grips as it can dry out the rubber.

Grips can also be lightly rubbed with fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool if they feel too smooth. Disposable golf grip wipes are another convenient cleaning option.

Do not use these methods with leather or soft polymer grips, such as Winn grips. Clean these grips with water. Don’t use soap. Dry gently. A small amount of castor oil for leather grips can restore tackiness.

If these cleaning methods don’t restore your grips, it is probably time for new ones.

Cleaning Your Balls

A clean ball will fly straighter and farther. To clean the ball on the course, clip a small damp golf towel on your belt loop or use a damp pocket golf ball cleaner (see below). Make sure the golf ball is clean before you tee off or on the green. If the ball picks up mud on the fairway, tough luck. Golf balls can only be cleaned after they have landed on the green. Always clean your ball before you putt. Sometimes dirt is not visible until you lift the ball. Sand and mud on the ball can affect your putting line.

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Playing with clean balls and clubs puts you in a great mindset, ready for your best performance. Don’t let dirty equipment interfere with your shot execution. Look good, play better.