Have you been wondering if you should join a golf club? Read on for four benefits to being a member...

Saving Money

The obvious benefit to buying a membership is access to unlimited golf. If you play less than four times a month, a golf membership will not make much sense to you in terms of value. However, if you want to play once a week or more, you will likely save money in green fees. Add up what it would cost you to play golf once a week in your season of play. Compare that to the yearly membership dues. It’s also important to take into consideration that you are likely to play more often after purchasing a membership. Your golf savings may be even higher than your calculations!

In addition to green fees, many other opportunities to save come with a golf membership:

Member Discounts: Typically, there are member discounts for purchases at the golf shop and/or in the restaurant. Many clubs also offer the opportunity to charge purchases to your club account.

Practice Up: Some clubs have free skill clinics and cheaper range ball rates for members.

Reciprocal Rates: Most golf clubs will arrange reciprocal rates at other golf courses. This means that you can go to another golf course and play there for a discounted rate.

Guest Discounts: Golf clubs almost always permit members to bring friends to play at a guest rate.

Family Savings: If your whole family joins the club, you will save more money on green fees. Golf clubs may have cheaper spousal rates too if a couple joins the golf course together. If you have kids, children’s Junior memberships will be MUCH less than paying green fees.

Game Improvement

Aside from the aforementioned practice discounts and skill clinics, if you join a golf club and play more often as a result, you will likely get better. The cliché of 10,000 hours of practice to learn a skill is true. Improving your game adds even more value to your investment!

Social Connections

Playing at the same course will increase your social connections with like-minded people from your local area. You will play with other members and get to know the staff on a first-name basis. After a while, your club may even start to feel like a second home! Do not fret if you do not know any other members prior to joining. Golf clubs offer many opportunities to socialize on the course with events such as Ladies Nights, mixed events, and interclub events and matches. Interclub matches are fun events. At an interclub, your ladies club team plays a friendly match against another ladies club. After a few weeks, they come to play at your club. Usually, the membership clubs waive the green fees and a meal follows the game. So joining a golf club can also get you free rounds at other courses.

You will find yourself making plenty of new friends in no time. Many women make lifelong friendships by playing golf!


Priority Play: Some courses have priority tee times for their members. This is a big advantage post-COVID when so many courses are short of tee times. It is also nice not to have to shop around different courses for availability.

À La Carte: Don’t worry about having to play a full 9 or 18 to get the full value of your green fees. With a membership, you can play just a few holes after work for relaxation or practice!

No Rain Checks: Ugly weather hit your round? You can pack things up at any point and come out another day. You will never feel like you should persevere because you paid to play that day.

Whether you join for the cost-savings, convenience factor, or to make new friends, golf memberships offer GREAT value for those looking to play more and improve their game!

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