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Why do golf ball companies label their balls by gender? The golf ball has no idea what gender is hitting it. It’s all about what works...

Who Should Actually Play a Women’s Golf Ball?

  1. Any golfer who drives the ball less than 200 yards.
  2. In cold weather, everyone... even ‘long ball’ hitters.

Why Should They Play This Type of Ball?

It can be summed up with the explanation that “women’s” golf balls combine a low compression ball with more spin and feel. Sounds believable but maybe it will make more sense if we go into this in a little more detail...

What is Compression?

Low compression means the ball has a soft core. When a golfer with an 85 MPH swing speed or lower strikes a low compression ball, it goes higher and further. In cold weather, a golf ball’s compression is firmer. All golfers will get more distance from playing a lower compression ball in the cold.

What is Spin?

Spin is how much a ball rotates through the air after you hit it. Dimple patterns affect spin. Balls with more spin tend to fly higher and, therefore, can carry farther. This is a distance advantage for most women golfers and others in cold weather. They also spin sideways. A ball with less spin may be more accurate for a beginner. Windy conditions also affect the ball’s spin. Different low compression balls will have different rates of spin.

What is Feel?

Feel is the hard click or the soft thunk as you hit the ball. Just about every golf ball advertised says they have a soft feel. The feel varies with the club used and the golfer’s club speed. It also varies with the ball construction materials. Different low compression balls from different companies will feel different. Some will feel spongy and some will feel firm. Feel is a personal preference. If the feel is right for you, you will have more confidence. More confidence equals better performance.

The Bottom Line:

  • Unisex low compression balls are similar to women’s golf balls. Their dimple pattern and feel may be different from their company’s women’s ball.
  • WGP’s best advice to new golfers is to choose one ball and stick with it. You will develop more consistency by playing the same ball. Once you get the feel for that ball, you will know better how it compares to others.
  • WGP’s best advice for experienced golfers is to keep an open mind. In the cold and wet weather, there are fewer advantages to playing a premium ball. The ball doesn’t travel as far. Winter greens are inconsistent. Your swing is tighter due to the extra layers and temperature. Low compression balls are often half the price of premium balls.

Try this online ball selector by Bridgestone. Answer the questions or submit a swing video. Try it first entering as a female and then as a male. See if the golf ball recommendation changes.

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