Have some fun out on the golf course with your friends! Try these golf game variations to add some laughter to your game. Many of them have the added advantage of improving your focus or shot-making skills on the course too...

1. 4-Clubs

Each player chooses one wood, one iron, one wedge, and a putter. Play a regular game with these four clubs. Low score is the winner!

2. Wonder Woman (also known as Defender)

One player per hole is Wonder Woman. The other ladies try to have a lower score than her. Player 1 is Wonder Woman on hole 1, Player 2 on hole 2, and so on. Player 1 is Wonder Woman again after all players have had a turn. When Wonder Woman has the lowest score, she gains 3 points. The other women lose 1 point. If any player scores better than Wonder Woman, WW loses 3 points and the other player gains one point. If Wonder Woman ties for low score on her hole, she receives 1.5 points, and the others lose 0.5 points.

3. Snake

Buy a plastic snake from the toy store. The woman who 3-putted last holds the snake. If someone makes 3 putts later, that golfer holds the snake, and so on. Whoever is the last person to have the snake loses the game. Hissing is allowed for the first putt on the green.

4. Pick Up Sticks

Pick-up sticks is a fun Match Play game. If a player loses the hole, your “friend” can take any club out of her bag, except the putter, and put it in her bag. She can take the club back if she wins a hole, or she can steal one of hers. Uneven handicaps can play with different rules. The higher handicap player can take two or more clubs from the low handicapper.

5. Gotcha!

Each woman may shout “Gotcha!” during an opponent’s swing once during a round. 

What’s your favourite fun game to play with your friends? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we might share it in a future edition.