Looking for ways to meet other women golfers in your area? Look no further than Meetup.com...

Golf Fore Gals is an active golf organization in the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan, and Maui. In this issue, we profile Golf Fore Gals in the Lower Mainland.

Why Join This Group?

Volunteer organizer Shelagh Roberts answers, “Women love to golf with other women. They don’t like the competition of the men, so they prefer a women’s group.” She emphasizes the friendships that have formed between group members. This organization takes away the insecurity of trying to find a women’s golf group. Shelagh likes to bring women together. “It’s good to keep women in golf.”

Golf Fore Gals in the Lower Mainland plays different courses every day! You are sure to find a location and a time that suits your lifestyle on Meetup.com. You can choose a convenient course you enjoy. A lot of the ladies like this because they don’t always want to commit to a group that plays the same golf course. You can choose to play 18 during the day or 9 in the evening. Rounds are often followed with sharing some appies, a meal, and a bevvie afterwards.

All abilities are welcome and there is no required handicap. Shelagh forms the groups by golf ability. Friends can request to golf in the same group. Some introductory golf instruction is advisable. Beginner players feel comfortable picking up their ball to keep up pace of play.

Contact Golf Fore Gals through their Facebook page or Meetup.com link.

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