Here are a few helpful hints when looking for an instructor to help with your golf game...

For those just starting to take up golf as a serious hobby, it can be difficult to decipher how to go about developing your skills. Should those new to golf start with instruction? Or should new golfers just give it a go on their own? Here are four helpful hints.

1. Take Group Lessons

Try a group lesson. Most public courses have an introductory lesson series that will allow you to learn and experiment with others in the same boat as you. This will also give you a sense of the instructor’s teaching style and if they’re the right fit. Get Golf Ready is one example of the type of lesson package that will give you a sense of what it takes to develop your swing fundamentals.

2. Find an Instructor You Connect With

Does the instructor explain things in a way so that you understand the concepts? People learn in different ways. Some learn best by watching someone else perform a shot or movement. Others need the concept explained thoroughly so they understand how a particular drill fits into the swing overall. Finding an instructor that communicates in a style that suits how you learn best is vital for your progression as a golfer.

3. Are You Techno or Are You Hands-On?

Is the use of technology important to you in the lesson? Some facilities have slow-motion video, pressure plates that you stand on, launch monitors, putting labs, and a myriad of other technologies designed to give you insight into your golf swing. Other instructors focus more on fundamentals and course management, without the gizmos. Especially when you are just starting out, too much information can be counterproductive. An instructor giving a few suggestions while you hit balls is likely all you need.

4. As You Progress...

In the beginning, it is about learning the fundamentals but eventually, we all hit plateaus in our development. Once you go beyond understanding the basics of the grip and become more specific in your goals: getting rid of a slice or hitting chip shots closer to the hole. Make sure to understand what it is you want to achieve when booking a lesson. Having that specific goal helps you and the instructor orient lessons towards an achievable outcome.

And Always Take the Time to Practice What You Have Been Taught...

Of course, as in any skill, there is no substitute for practice. Once you have the fundamentals in place, go out and practice! This can be done with friends at the driving range or putting green to add the enjoyable social aspect that is an integral part of golf. Par 3 courses and pitch and putts are also a great entry point for your golfing journey.

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Image at the top shows Kyla Inaba, Predator Ridge Resort, B.C.