Are you ready to get out on the golf course after a long cold wet winter?

BC has the best winter and early spring golf weather in Canada. That doesn’t mean it’s warm and sunny. Playing under those weather and cold conditions is a sure turnoff for new golfers. For the addicted, the golf course calls. Common sense knows that golfers must wear clothing that is warm, dry, and flexible. What should you consider before buying new layers?

Invest in High-Quality Rain Gear

Let’s talk about the last layer first. This is one thing you should not scrimp on! You get what you pay for, and the good ones last a long time. The type of material used in your jacket and pants will make a big difference in how comfortable you are. If you have older rain gear, you will see it is now a lot more comfortable, lighter, and breathable than before. Make sure there is enough room to add layers underneath. Do some practice swing movement to check the flexibility and walk around to see how noisy the fabric is.

Galvin Green “Liberty Trophy” Rainwear
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Get a Variety of Gloves and Mitts

A nice white leather glove may not be the best choice for all conditions. Check out golf gloves designed for both rain and winter. They usually come in a set for both hands. Keep them in your bag for changing conditions. Wear a pair of mitts over them if your hands are still cold.

Waterproof Shoes

Here is another area where quality matters. Look for a waterproof golf shoe or boot that has a 2-year guarantee. There is nothing worse than wet feet on the course. Buy the bigger slip-resistant treads. One year waterproof shoes worn last season will disappoint you. Buy black or another mud-hiding colour. Look for a strong supportive last. Marching through wet soggy fairways is much harder on your feet than in dry conditions. Add merino wool socks.


This is not the time to worry about “hat-head.” There are some super cute pom-pom beanies out there that you can wear on your head or over your golf cap. Some are even lined with waterproof and windproof fabric.

Base and Mid Layers

These layers do not have to be golf-specific. Look for ones that fit snug and allow movement. Some women like to wear golf attire on top. Some wear their golf attire underneath. This makes quick changes for changing conditions more modest.

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