Women may make up half the population but they account for less than 25% of golfers and the province’s amateur organization would like to see that change...

To aid in this process, BC Golf has started “The Women’s Golf Project,” an umbrella initiative to promote women’s awareness of — and participation in — golf across the province.

A cornerstone of the project is a website — www.thewomensgolfproject.com — where the content has a totally female focus. Website sections range from the most women-friendly golf facilities for a vacation to the dates and locations for women-only golf schools.

There is also a section dedicated to the beginning woman golfer with pieces covering how to get a start in the game. But maybe the most important section will be the one profiling and promoting all of the different options out there for a woman golfer to get involved.

British Columbia Golf is leading an initiative to grow women’s golf across the province...

From a list of the informal golfing groups that can be found on www.meetup.com to a directory listing each Ladies’ Nite at courses across the province, it will be a one-stop information source on how to get involved no matter what your level of experience.

British Columbia Golf actually began that process of bringing together women and golf a couple of years ago through a partnership with the LPGA Amateur Golf Association.

Made of chapters across the U.S. and internationally, it connects women who share a passion for golf by hosting golf, social, and networking events as well as the opportunity to participate in association championships.

British Columbia Golf has formed three chapters of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association — one on Vancouver Island, one in the Lower Mainland-Fraser Valley, and the other in the Interior. Find out more here.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association describes its mission as... “to provide a welcoming golf community for women.”

More recently, recognizing that women participating in golf can happen in many other ways from grassroots informal groups to facility-based initiatives, BC Golf looked at how they could promote these as well and help get their messages out.

Other ideas for the project include supporting the development of online communities like the new and popular audio-based social media app Clubhouse, which allows people to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people.

To provide input for the initiative, an advisory panel of women in golf was formed. Find out more about the women who helped shape the Women’s Golf Project.

To find out more about The Women’s Golf Project, please contact Project Coordinator Taylor Farrell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..