Using the simple elements of aim, grip, posture, and ball position, you too can actually have a pretty good idea of where your golf ball should go when you set up to send it flying. Here is “Longball” Vlooswyk’s straightforward explanation of how to make that happen. – Ed.

Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk Tells Us How We Can Set Up Correctly In Four Simple Steps

Your pre-shot routine should include these 4 aspects of the setup to improve ball striking.

1. Aim

You must aim your club face at your target FIRST.

Many people try to get their feet lined up to the target and then line up their club face.

This Is The WRONG Way To Line Yourself Up

I often see golfers with their club on their hips to do this. This is wrong!

Your target will now be many yards off-line and right of your actual target for right-handed golfers and left of it for lefties.

Pick an intermediate target in line with your actual target that is 1 to 2 feet in front of the ball.

It is much easier to line your club face up to this versus something 200 yards away.

Line your club face to that first, then your feet.

2. Grip

Too many players hold the club in the palm of their hand.

If you have a wear mark on the heel of the palm of your glove, this could be why.

Pick Up The Club Like You Are Picking Up A Suitcase

The top hand (hand closest to the butt end of the grip) must have the club in the base of the fingers.

A great drill is to hold the club beside you on the side of your body with your top hand on the grip.

Slightly bend down and pick the grip up as if you were picking up a briefcase.

Then place your bottom hand on the grip, also in the base of your fingers (this is typically your dominant hand and goes on properly naturally).

3. Posture

Some men tend to hunch their shoulders in set up limiting their ability to make a good turn.

Ladies tend to sit down too much causing them to be arms lifters versus turning their torso in their backswing.

Correct Posture – Flat Back, Knees Slightly Bent, Arms Hanging Naturally

The proper posture is very simple.

Stand up straight with shoulders back and chest slightly out.

Bow at your waist and slightly bend your knees.

Let your arms hang naturally from your shoulders. This is where you should grip your club.

The butt end of your club should be about a fist width away from your body with all your clubs.

4. Ball Position

Golfers often put the ball in the middle of their stance for wedges and short irons.

Correct Ball Position For Driver – Off The Inside Of Your Lead Foot

Slightly forward for 7 and 6 iron, a bit more forward for low irons and fairway woods and off the front foot for the driver.

This can create a lot of inconsistency and poor ball striking.

There should be 2 different ball positions for your setup for a full swing.

The first is off the instep of your lead foot (foot closest to the target) for the driver.

For all other shots, the ball should be placed 3 to 4 inches (the length of an iron head) inside your lead foot.

The reason for this is that your swing bottoms out at your shoulder joint.

Put The Ball 3-4 Inches Inside Your Lead Foot For All Full Shots Other Than The Driver

You should be making a divot (the swing should be bottoming out) AFTER the ball, not before it.

You want to strike the ball in a descending blow.

Think of compressing the ball.

Merely change the width of your stance to be comfortable with the length of the club in your hand, but keep the ball position the same off your lead foot for every shot.

About the Writer
Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk is a 7-time Canadian Long Drive Champion and currently ranked 3rd in the World. She is a Keynote Speaker, Golf Journalist and Golf Entertainer.

Lisa can be reached through her website or through Twitter @LisaLongball.