Are you looking to add distance to all of your clubs? Club head speed and ball speed lead to distance. For every 1 mph of club head speed added, a player can gain up to 3 yards. Here is a drill to increase your club head speed and in turn your ball speed...

My swing coach Paul Horton, had his NCAA students swing a “Swing Fan” as fast as possible 10 times in a row followed by swinging a shaft without a head on it or an alignment stick 10 times as fast as possible. He would have them repeat each set of 20 swings five times 3-5 days a week. After 4 weeks, his students gained 8-10 miles per hour on average.

Tip: Make sure to work on a full turn, great extension, and a full finish with both tools.

Swing Fan

Use An Alignment Rod Or Shaft With No Head To Work On The Speed Portion

Extension When Swinging

Make Sure To Finish Your Swing

“Swing Fans” are available at Golf Town locations or can be found for purchase at retailers online by searching “Golf Swing Fan.” There are multiple manufacturers of swing fans available.

Go Long!

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Lisa "Longball" Vlooswyk is a 7-Time Canadian Long Drive Champion and currently ranked Top 5 in the World. She runs her own Golf School for Women and has just launched an Instructional Video to help golfers hit it Longer, Straighter and Batter. Lisa can be contacted at